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Whom to trust,
In my mind this question bursts,
I thought to take this near crust,
But still it might always buzz!

Whom to trust,
Without the trustworthy, I always adjust,
Everyone thinks, that’s all disgust,
But I never mind and look front!

Blindly I thought to trust my friend,
Secrets were also truly shared,
But that guy laid all the secrets out by the weekend,
And this friendship had the end!

Blindly I thought to believe my aunt,
I told her to say true, but she said-“I can’t!”
With this she broke my true heart,
And always left me apart!

Soon, I thought to trust my mom,
Similarly I said her to share the truth, common!
I was shocked till that Mon,
My mom wasn’t like my friend or aunt!

From the day, I concluded whom to trust,
Be it the end of august,
One must always trust mom,
Because she is the only one to be trusted for long!

Copyright © Riddhima Kashyap