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Dove in spring

A dove in spring flew helplessly 
searching for a place to lay it's egg
No huge trees around where it could build its nest
If I lay twigs on houses people throw them away
What do I do now?
Watch another egg eaten by crow? 
Helplessly it fl

It came to my balcony placed some twigs, laid an egg
I watched in wonder how it incubated it 
Not a moment it would get up
Finally egg hatched
Little one came 
Both parents fed the little one
I would help them by giving grains and water
Pink skinny body it was so small and tender
Crow was always hovering by wanting to eat it
But the mother just wouldn't leave the kid alone
I watched the kid grow 
Slowly it got feathers and flew away

It is a wonderful beautiful memory, one which I can never forget
I wish we would not cut trees 
I wish birds had more places to lay eggs

Inspiration : 
Contest Name : Spring Birds
Sponsor	: Constance La France
24th February 2021

Copyright © Rama Balasubramanian