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She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase

She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase

BEHOLD- she that a torn heart can repair,
a Venus that bright stars envy and praise
she that reflects morn's firstborn golden rays
sumptuous love, beyond mortal compare!

Soft as silk glistening as fallen dew
blithe spirit, born of Aphrodite's gifts
she of dreams, radiant hope sent so swift
treasured kisses that sets my world anew!

State of resplendent royal purple glow
siren serenading sweetest of songs
awarding respite from world's teeming throngs
sweet as honey, pure as fresh fallen snow!

"O, but for that end true love reunites,
may destiny's arrows fly swift and right!

Darling, my beloved- of beauty's grace
She that Time and Fate can never erase!

Robert J. Lindley, 2-25-2020
Sonnet, plus two( Lind-Sonnet And Two )
( Born of a summer of love in 1973 )
Yet now, thrives as a dream that was
once lived and now tis' deeply treasured!

Dedicated to the inspiration that Byron
and his magnificent poetry has gifted
to this too oft dark and sad world....

Copyright © Robert Lindley