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Valentine's Night

Valentines Night

The time of year
Where men line up in front of rows of heart cards
The night before the red lovers’ day
When the cost of roses doubles and triples
And restaurants are overbooked with reservations
Advertising their four course enticing menus
When women get waxed, manicured and pedicured
Purchase the perfect sexy new lingerie
And wear their lowest cleavage, alluring outfits
When lovers promise their everlasting connection
When long married couples fulfill a bedroom obligation
When rare romantic evenings at home are planned 
When singles go out with single friends
So as not to spend time at home alone, feeling
Like all the couples they know are having a lovers night
And not wanting to feel left out, go searching
Perhaps their soulmate is out there just out of reach
Tonight may just be the night that new lovers meet
And if not, then all the hype leads only to disappointment,
For some, with high expectations of a Valentines night.

Copyright © Ingrid Lehman