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Celestial bodies

darken cloud and vengeful wind, cast a shadow upon the land. he stands with her hand in hand. so the die was cast fated love was at last burning bright the world was set alight.  then the forces of Darkness faded from sight, fling to the deepest depths of our desires. the darkness came to rest in our hearts. tearing the bond ascender the cracks begin to show. shrouding that which was ever more upon this Earth. we shall walk forever more .we can no longer hear her words, nor her please blinded. by our own hubris in this Kingdom of modern  man.we no longer hear the weeping willows cries nor the eagle's boundless tails of flight. fires rage and the Earth cracks atwin. try we may and try we might destruction is upon us and she weeps for her children, but from the fires the Earth will be cast a new. a blank slate from which we will never be new. This we should have all been wary, now the last The Last of Us stand as Spectators to the end. he wants to leave her for another, the red hair Beauty across the pond. she cast her gaze upon him but alas the contract was binding.hope was not meant to last.She was Baron a desert in her boundless Beauty from where man could never settle. so he fades Into the vast ether. A Beacon of life, in the ever expanding emptiness of the Stars so the two fated lovers, one much older than the other. free to pass they both shall last. both in the Eternal inbrace of each other . one will pass, but she will last .till father comes to claim his dues. an omen to all and an omen to none.this the continuing story of man.

Copyright © Patrick Dunn