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Thin Glass

Your mother invites me
I realize not that you are tired 
of me
Separated by a thin glass wall
You stare through blankly
Ignoring me 
I shift and move 
Hoping to gain your attention 
Though you shift away, and continue the same blank stare
My attempts are fruitless, as always
It’s deafening when we don’t speak
In memory of times when we couldn’t stop
Your brother is much sweeter on my sister
Like you used to be
I feel sad for what I expect to become of them
And you audaciously criticize me
When I dissociate from a character whose ears are blind 
To the sound of my voice
Hypocrite, I think grossly to myself
Though you are the one I love most
I am constantly reminded that I want you more
Even in the face of good times,
I am reluctant, for I know they will be brief
Before you stare back into the glass and and neglect me once more 

Copyright © Victoria Lucas