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Uncle Jessie's Farm - BOTH Audio and Text versions

Several favorite mem’ries, from my not too recent past,
Are of the summer days I spent on my Uncle Jessie’s farm.
Every single visit was a wonderful adventure,
And stays flew by so quickly, though the days were long and warm.

Splitting peas and gathering eggs, and helping feed the livestock,
I did the very best I could, and always loved the jobs.
My chores were almost always fun (though sometimes down-right smelly),
And on the cooler nights he’d have me fetch a pale of cobs

To stoke the big old parlor stove to kill the evening chill,
And there beside the fire he would spin his crazy yarns!
He loved to tell the spooky ones - about the late-fall goblins -
And how they flew on cloudy nights, and liked to sleep in barns.

“They love to fly around on Halloween,” he’d always say,
“and those who were afraid would trick-or-treat the night before!
But, either night, they’ll try their best to sneak inside your house, 
So I am extra careful when I open up my door.”

That’s the kind of silly tale my Uncle Jessie told.
I knew that goblins didn’t exist (or so my mother said),
But I’ll admit that I was never absolutely sure
‘Cause Uncle Jessie loved to mess around inside my head.
He even told me dogs could talk - in very ancient days -
And moonbeams melted warts away, if given ample time.
He swore that if you placed a tooth you’d lost beneath your pillow,
You’d sometimes find, by morning, it had changed into a dime!

Even though I made a little money off my teeth,
I never quite believed him…but I never told him so.
I loved my Uncle Jessie…and those days out on the farm…
And every fall, for several years…I couldn’t wait to go.

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