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Cerebellum's Synaptic Soiree

Lifted lightly from familiarity
Sleep's gesture caresses cells
Taken to nearby bewilderment
Where stagnancy busily dwells

Liquid lambent shooting star forms fragment
Vapid vexations vanquished in fantasy's fire
Mist masked span transcends measurement
Vision fusion surpasses language quagmire 

Imprisoned waking cognition 
held in category's secure structure 
Dispelled impediments crash casce
preceding sleep's redeeming tenure

Ignited sizzling spiral whimsical continuum 
Themes undulate with kiss and chase thrill
Trauma's feather sinks, treasure 's stone floats
Detached components reconcile at will

Dream chariot leaps easily 
Obliges unassuming passenger
uncover unique anecdote
Intriguing as a stranger

Driven chivalrously soaring splendidly, lured enticingly
Revelling in brain' s carried captivation sole function
Travelling happens spontaneously without momentum
Contented centre offers converging clock hands junction

Revelations ripple, expanding truth
Roller coaster riding outside reality
Symbol's eventual meaningful messages
rise as a halo, impartial to gravity 

Reason's region, sensible staid evades taboo
Indetectibly dilating pineal stillness vibrates
Untouched pastures in sleep domain permit oblivious
From fences of accepted, dream's newborn liberates

Concious corners sent as envelope ratified 
deliver obvious, wafting surreal's torment
Clumsy clambering of mind identified
hankers for hibernation's brief dormant 

Copyright © Jasmine Edwards