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beware of monsters in the night
beware of monsters in the night
the ones that linger out of sight
they’re hairy beasts that grunt and lurk
and try to drive you quite berserk
they hide way up inside your ceiling
and while you dream go on a midnight fling
their beady eyes will glare at you
with pointy teeth they’ll chomp and chew
they wait behind your closet door
then sneak across your bedroom floor
just when you think you’re safe and sound
is when they’ll take you for a pound
there’s only one undisputed way
to keep the monsters far at bay
and that’s to wash your face each day
not forget to brush your teeth and pray
do these things before you head
in your pyjamas straight for bed

Submitted on February 25, 2020 for contest WARNING sponsored by RICHARD LAMOUREUX         

Copyright © Line Gauthier