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Something Bad Happened Today

Something bad happened today. 

Emotions destroyed like hurricanes 
Words drowned and created tears 
Ears heard and hands covered them 
To rid some of these horrid pains 

Drunken breaths were slurring words 
Cries took place in the bathroom 
Souls didn't want to let go 
Instinctively I flew with the birds 


Something bad happened today 

A mother's love was lessened 
Broken hearts had numbed a family 
Minds no longer burst with energy 
Something in hearts was embedded 

Untouchable eyes saw Touchable breast 
Careers were at risk 
Innocence committed suicide 
It was not feasible to rest 

Memories were made to taunt 
Brains held too much 
Oxygen no longer produced breaths 
Eyes closed producing visions that haunt 

Stomachs sank 
Fear not once trembled 
Things were unbelievable 
Mouths drank 

Something bad happened today

Copyright © Monia Kurtz