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Serenader of the Millennium

Serenader of the Millennium 
Free Verse
Ernilando L. Tugaff

The Serenader strums his guitar
Under the silvery moon light
And the starry night sky so bright
Singing a melodious song to the maiden of his heart.

I am a serenader but I am out of tune 
I can compose a song, but cannot sing with tune
I can strum guitar but with no meaning at all
I am a serenader of the millennium.

I can write a song and give it to a lady
By using the modern technology 
I will compose my song/ poem 
And send it to
To let her know how much I really love her. 

When I make a poem, I talk to the birds
And listen to their tweets and chirps
I also listen to the breeze of the air
I talk to flowers for hours to get an inspiration.
I am now ready to send my poem/song
In a wink of an eye she will know my love so tender please open your wings and fly
Wake her up, turn on her computer, my poem is on the mail. 

Thank you so much
You made me a serenader of the Millennium.

Copyright © Ernilando Tugaff