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Constellation Prize

The muse time travelers fatefully freewill say,
this love of ours was written long ago in the stars
But presently, my earthling feelings
is Venus empty
Just a tinfoil head man 
listening to the upper UV wave band
Alpha Centauri hoping for a constellation prize
Then out of the delta quadrant, 
I heard a string of “pings”
A supernova force stellar voice — 
Projecting a holographic image of a robot face,
it was mechanically screaming wildly at me:

Danger, Will Robinson!
Your heart is gonna get lost in her space,
and there ain’t no outer limit to this pulsar pleasure place

The cosmic choice given
was a “Love Theory of Relativity”
Grab hold of the quantum bond
and let the cold fusion burn nebular deep

That’s how it time continuum is
when you meet the Orion woman of your galactic dreams
Constellation prize instantly arrives
on a solar wind flight “faster-than-light” transporter beam 

Danger ... passion overload, Will Robinson!
Your heart is gonna blow pure crystal dilithium,
and there might not be a symbiotic soul to repair the hole

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.