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Eye rowed my hoarse won summer’s day My horse went hoarse and wood knot nay I whisted my turds to make him laugh Butt Muffin choked and started coffin I said Muffin you’re having a giraffe A lass I kneed a coffin two carry him off in Eye road my hoarse won summer’s day My hoarse went horse and wood knot nay Pleas can ewe tell me wear two berry a hoarse Knot inn the knackers yard ore on a race coarse My hoarse went horse won summer’s day Butt now he’s dead watt can eye say I’d whisted my turds to make him laugh Eye will put hiss obituary inn the telegraph Eye’ll miss old Muffin my trusty hoarse Butt Muffin choked and now he’s dead Aye wish my hoarse had staid the coarse I’ll bye a donkey and ride hymn instead Butt my donkey was in fact a mule Aye didn’t no the difference I’m a fool Now Muffin the mule’s ran out of fuel Eye should have listened moor inn school! Word Play Poems with Play-on-Words raison d'etre -- Poetry Contest Sponsored by John Anderson 07/18/21

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