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Summer Love

island of palm trees, middle of the sea, a short ride by our boat for you and me, paradise of birds, bliss, serenity, desire’s doors to open with lover’s key, we run on golden sands glowing with glee, youth in full abandon, young hearts set free, laughter without reason or words at spree, wasn't that the day you proposed to me? under the blue sky, by that sandy sea? tiny warm grains of sand pricking your knee? wind intervened, ruffled a boyish head, but I heard every word said and unsaid! the warmth of our love on that Summer’s day, bore the heat of passion, hotter than May!
Written 13/05/2021 Summer love Poetry contest John Hamilton sponsored sonnet form only 12+2 lines 10 syllables each line rhyme first 8 lines mono rhyme 9th and 10th lines couplets 11th and 12th couplets.

Copyright © Krish Radhakrishna