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Honestly True


I  am not a Queen but we do shared the same birthday.
She's the greatest role model ever existed to me
She's is the person I would look up to more than my parents.
She would be the type of person that would teach females how to act like a lady not a wild lady
Great upbringing, great posture, and how to keep to many flies away from trying to take advantage of your precious parts.
I admire her with all my might I watched stories and news
Of her with great respect.
Her grandkids are so precious I've watched them grow.
They mother would be so proud to see how well they grow
Beautiful princess I cried like a child when she died, no one can't match up
To a one of a kind. Princess Diana R.I.P.
The Queen will always be the one and only.
Nobody will never be above her don't even try to be.for she the one and only much respect.

Copyright © Nagella Jean-Baptiste