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How Is It Goal In

Liverpool showed very early they have a goal 
How very cold? 
But the Londoners got off the couch 
And stood tall without a slouch 
They scored one really quick 
Giving the clock not much time to tick 
As the first half minutes showed they were up for this incredible task  
This West Ham physical challenge could make their owners go to the flask 
Tied at the break 
Bubbles back home wondered what it would take 
Ten minutes into the second forty-five 
I tell you no lie 
Hammies had a strike 
And winning points were in sight. 
As the champion elect 
Go on an offensive peck 
Telling those at Anfield they are not done 
Shrugging off the thought the Londoners have won 
As for those named red 
It must be said 
They were able to get it leveled at two 
And West Ham needed to stay cool 
Another Liverpool score would hand the Hammies a loss 
That in turn could create a meeting with the relegation boss 
Reality started to settle in 
And for the Hammies another sports book win
It was two that Liverpool were giving 
With the sports book hinting ‘Hammies, where are you making a living?’ 
There was a video review 
That said a Liverpool goal was not true 
With this decision 
Hammies collecting the sports book cash seemed to be the mission 
When the match came to the end 
Liverpool had to work to defend 
A nice assault 
That did not come up with a goal that was sought 
Start preparing for the drop 
Since the losing will not stop 
Down here in the lower three 
There is a positive that one could see 
In the other division where EPL teams go when they are missing 
And the fans will make sure you hear the hissing 
You will be king 
Counting the winnings if that is the thing 
Since this predicament is months off 
And West Ham needs to take care of this evil wintry cough 
Then in the spring do the rising 
Now that you have William Hill money to do some hiring 

Copyright © Marc O'Brien