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Try To Imagine

Try To Imagine
Luke 10:38-42

Try to imagine if you can how sweet,
It was when Mary knelt at Jesus' feet,
While quietly she listened to him tell,
The things that made her very being swell.

What precious words upon her ears did fall,
What priceless moments as she centered all,
Her powers to listen as the Master spoke,
What sweet emotions o'er her spirit broke.

Try to imagine Martha rushing round,
Her busy feet just barely touching ground,
Trying so hard her blessing to prepare,
Unwittingly allured by Satan's snare,

Of busyness, no time to hear her King,
So overwrought 'bout every little thing,
Stopping to murmur to the Lord and then,
Rushing right off "her work" to do again.

Oh Martha, Martha can you hear him say,
So many things disturb your peace today,
Yet Mary's found what will not fade away,
Follow her lead, be still my child and pray.

Well might we all this lesson come to know,
As in our day we scurry to and fro,
Like Mary see the one thing needful now,
And quietly before our Savior bow.

C R Lord © 2/6/1986

Copyright © C R Lord