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Death Spell Unbound

The sage sits in a denuded forest where ‘green’ foliage once towered

Knots a ‘thread’ of his hair through the eye of the parched pine needle

Of his ‘heart’ that shivers in the ashen lightness of smouldering fires

‘Breathless’ he collects ember before rain sets out to seek its revenge

Lone ‘birds’ shed feathers of dry tears embedded in scorched ‘plumage’

‘Fathomless’ they refuse to embrace naked exposure of truthfulness

‘Silence’ grows as they fail to flap wings in futile departure from rage

A ‘beautiful’ landscape has scarpered escape routes barely conceived

One de-rooted ‘hair’ stands out from the skull bone of human inferno

‘Dark’ like lost causes it delivers a savage message to the blinded savant

21st February 2020

Ten word challenge on the theme of death

thread heart silence hair beautiful

dark green birds fathomless breathless

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann