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The Field of Hope

In blissful dreams we envision
an alpine field filled with
wild flowers the colors of red, blue
and yellow scattered throughout
the resplendent scene.

It is the field of hope in which
the red flowers are the heart
and soul of man and are
scented with compassion,
love and warmth.

The blue ones are soothing and cool,
they make the pathway of life smoother
to follow and provide calmness during
strife and calamity.

Our eyes to the world are the yellow flowers,
these are the blossoms which see truth and
goodness in a world of chaos.

When we wake up from our celestial reverie,
and face another day, we know that we have
walked through the field of hope which
helps us endure the challenges of a life-long
ascent to the pinnacle of our finality.

Copyright © Sonia Walker