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In ocean breeze

Long slow waves roll towards sandy beach
	breaking with white foam as they grow near
as sound of surf fills the breeze
	and air is full of tang of salt

just off shore in the rolling waves
	dolphins frolic swimming by
breaking surface and diving deep
	a joyful sight to see

overhead in sky blue
	bright light gulls soaring by
and their calls pierce the air
	and the sound of their flapping wings

champagne beach so cool and moist
	water washes so smooth
cleansing away signs of footsteps
	as if they had never been

dry churned sand higher lies
	so hot in bright burning sun
beach towels bright with colors lie
	scattered like leaves fallen here

striped umbrellas cast pools of shade
	over cabana chairs there
where people in their swimwear lie
	hiding from bright sunshine

others stroll along the sand
	brought hats of straw adorned
bright colored bags hanging from their arms
	holding all that they need here
there is one who passes by
	with swinging walk that catches eye
auburn hair escapes the head
	and blows in gentle breeze

And as I watch her saunter by
	and longing fills my heart
Jasmine and Rose fills the air
	and she walks out of my sight

soft white clouds floats overhead
	cutting off the light of sun
as fading darkness fills my eyes
	and nothing is left to see

Copyright © William Kofoed