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Musing on Being Famous or Not

Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers 
Wound up famous in a nursery rhyme 
Plied their trades, were movers and shakers 
Remembered from a long-forgotten time. 

If I were famous, would it be for naught, 
For some great deed, or something I wrote? 
Should I aspire to the political scene, or not, 
Perhaps on the big screen, for a notable quote? 

Would I want a monument built in the square, 
Have my name celebrated on a special day 
To have such aspirations, I would say “beware!” 
If I were famous, I think I would say... “No way!” 

Makes me think I should not aspire to fame 
But only to be remembered by foes and friends, 
Who may, after I am gone, invoke my name 
How fondly I would hope, well, it all depends. 

Written February 13, 2021
For "If I Were Famous" Contest
Sponsored by Joe Sandler