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A Peacock, as was I

for formerly Bonnie L. Garcia
and formerly Marci K. Garcia,
with fondness and humility

Holistically speaking, she you divorced 
is one fantastic fitch on a quarterly
basis at minimum.  That's three months of coerced
servitude, bloody attitude, disorderly
fits of public theatrics, so on and so forth,
for every single frcking year endured
with an egg-shedding nut-cracking whore worth
exactly half of everything procured
by you who's kissed his retirement goodbye
from the couch where you live in your mother's den.
Forget her!  You're a peacock primed to fly!
As was I - which is why I get it when
I see a brother, sad and confounded,
that absent his wife, life's a mother; grounded.

Copyright © Phillip Garcia