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Big Words

Though possessed of a savour faire de luxe,
I will admit this is a CONUNDRUM,
One that even me is set to FLUMMOX,
My poise has earned me great ENCOMIUM,
Only rarely am I known to succumb,
But since this matter is so serious,
Growing ever more DELETERIOUS,
I consider it is unfortunate
That your manner is so imperious -
You need not be quite so IMPORTUNATE*

*Capitals used for selected words because I am unable to use the bold type. NA understood.

The words were chosen mainly because I liked the sound of them, and because one would normally use much more common words:

"conundrum" - "puzzle"
"flummox" - "bewilder"
"encomium" - "praise"
"deleterious" - "adverse"
"importunate" - "intransigent".

A university essay I once wrote was criticised for not being sufficiently simply-worded.  I was advised not to use such big words.  I thought for pity's sake, what's the point of them being in the dictionary if they never get used?!

"Exalted Words"
C. A. Cooke

Copyright © Beth Evans