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I Coax Women out of their Hidey Holes

I often see women who have almost completely given up
There is barely a glimmer of them left
They have been put down by an inferior being
A man who only feels powerful when he is hurting a woman
A misogynist who hates himself
Probably due to a woman
His mother

I coax them out of their hidey-holes.
I take them home.
I clean them up. I give them little drops of niceness
Which they had forgotten existed. They do not respond at first
Hating me for reminding me who they used to be
Before they became a what.

Most have run off screaming into the night
Or sneaked off with a few nonvaluables, 
as I own nothing worth stealing
They cannot tolerate this niceness
It is too much
They are afraid it will kill them
Like the survivors of a concentration camp

I do not run after them, knowing better.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger