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Spring equinox arrives March 20th, 2023 at 5:24 PM

Spring equinox arrives March 20th, 2023 at 5:24 PM

Despite what outside temperature registers
(even absolute zero), the official arrival
of spring occurs, when thee eel hip tic
of coe phish hunt holy Mackerel
becomes tangential to barenaked ladies 
barren ass hymn tote, 
hoochie mama hottie 
presenting strip the willow 
ova troop of foxy budding 
barely legal nymphs 

analogous to motley crew
despite crowded house,
where masterbaiting anglers 
blindsiding naive prey
snagging hook, line and sinker
courtesy spanning global network
with marginal kinks
within human league
showcasing webbed wide 
electric light orca straw.

No burlesque across the globe
upstages mother nature's emergent style
soundlessly donning and trumpeting
peeping within nook and cranny
delicate plant and animal feelers probe
resplendent metaphorical pregnant Gaia,
whose all encompassing bulging robe
magnificently, albeit modestly evinces
matronly dame parading and sauntering,
she intimates readiness to give birth
regarding multitudinous flora and fauna,
whereby swath groundswell of color
and panoply of sound bursts forth.

A symphony with terrestrial
ecological community, which life forms abound
via natural laboratory qua nature,
especially at seasonal dawn of spring tide,
where multifarious existence can be found
carving out a figurative zoological niche
in a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds galore
idyllic melodic musical sound
artist palette of rainbow blended sights
assuage auditory and
visual sense pleasures respectively.

No gofundme donation required-
unless ye clamor to proffer expense
(toward fame and fortune
concerning one garden variety
long haired pencil necked geek
to regale sensational experience,
but before further lines get read
please be mindful
to take lock, stock, and barrel
of mine existential sponsor,
thus a brief plugged statement to:

??? ???????? ???????? ????? ??0?????0? ?0? ????.

Now back to regularly scheduled program
trying to entrance ye dear reader
incorporating titanic and tectonic processes,
(albeit all natural wonders)
constituting eight ways
to build strong bodies
bred courtesy punctuated equilibrium
nudging advantages to outvie
one living thing
versus another organism.

Winter of our (collective) discontent
(novel of the same name 
by the storied John Steinbeck)
alleviated courtesy pagan earth goddesses
prestidigitation delivering cathartic holistic
and poetic botanical balms,
which salve (age long in the tooth)
psychological wounds.

Show stopping stunning performance
stills lovers embrace
long anticipating nonpareil experience,
nevertheless straining credulity
of visual and aural senses,
where collective awed pinterests
silences onlookers evoking
masterpiece rendered still life
among webbed plant and animal species.

Earthy, scantily clad, bombshell nubile
babes, brazen lee, ineluctably, innocently
insouciantly, prominently, promotes pro
pry eh tarry, plus risqué provocative proxy,
trigger numb matt trick functions, as nymphs
doth seductively saunter to approach ever
so close, yet never crosses mine orbit,

but unknowingly teases (like a firecat,
when catch bull struck four), my test
toss tee roan needle swings wildly in
due sing this ordinary system of a down
mellow male to feel doubly breasted,
hair reed kinkily, tongue mortise tenon
facilitating flagellated fortuitous forays,

go win for inflected miniature escarpment,
where groaning pinkish tulips anchored
right at the estuary (nee slippery sluice),
sans self cleaning coven at the intersection
of happy and healthy, heavens to Betsy
bursting provocative cadenzas whence,
mine skipping heart beats long and fosters

fertilizing fecund fresh field, forthwith
fallow paean seeds of life and White Lily
deemed to dein nouns verb 
hot ten fruit, no matter
huck cull berry finis wrought twig
and berries sounding off a snap,
crackle and pop goes ma little weasel.

Copyright © matthew harris