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Don't Throw Them to the Wolves

We have a choice,
On how many children will turn out,
And by throwing the parents under a bus,
For the Wolves and Jackals to fight over,
The outcome for the children will always be the same.

When we we tell solo mothers in particular who are struggling,
That they must go out to work,
Is it not obvious that they will come home even more tired and stressed,
When their community support has disappeared,
Along with any empathy for their plight.

And farming out the children for the big childcare conglomerates to make hay,
Is that really the best we can do for the children.

It is not too late to go back to the drawing board,
And make life harder for the Wolves and Jackals.

How many articles in scientific journals regarding the importance a stable,
Influence in the lives of children,
How many articles on how children learn empathy will we need to read,
How many teachers will have to speak out,
Before we complain that it is, false advertising,
Before we stop throwing parents under the bus.
And how many times will we refuse to believe what our eyes tell us,
Every time we walk past daycare center's with the children,
Looking through the fence at us.

If I asked for support to change the plight of battery hens,
Would you not give me the time time of day,
Yet I am asking you to open your eyes to the plight of the parents,
To achieve better outcomes for the children,
And you won't even look me in the eye.

We all know we live in a world that seems unfair, 
But we can choose not to make it h a cruel one,
By refusing to throw parents under the bus,
To make sure the children will become our worst nightmare.
Of course that would depend on us electing some bold politicians
Who see parents as assets that need to be looked after,
And children as more than bums on seats for childcare conglomerates.
Politicians who will not fold when those who exploit children,
Come knocking at their door,
Holding their employees jobs in their hands
As weapons to exploit even further the plight of parents,
And through them their children.

We can only change things when we deal with what is in front of us,
Which can only happen when we open our eyes,
And stop asking ourselves,
How did we got to this point.

We took our eye off the ball,
That is how,
Which is not surprising, 
When so few children,
Are given the space to throw or kick a ball about.

PS I was an Early childhood teacher for 30 years mostly doing relieving work.
I would not wish the sights I saw on my worst enemy.


Copyright © David Smith


Book: Reflection on the Important Things