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A Soulful Dance

We deemed that we could never be beaten. Our flaws, too, turned out to be an asset. I would grant you a drink once you've eaten. Passionfruit, to recall which silhouette My confidence sustains me through my tears. For poise, gazing at the lost, bygone years Stillness in the peak oneness of all ways Twirling, swinging to and backward, our days. When too late is too soon, calm blossoms fall. There is no price for calmness in the midway. Flee how he'd heal; flinch is fierce to Forestall Fate may heed, and our dreams are half-eaten. With the madness we've wrought, we might offset I bide spring words in your soft house sweeten.  As words embrace, you draft all sans regret. I pounce that you will meld sail without piers. I wish just for pure pleasure without leers. Mind meets thin awareness in calm and stays. A getaway from views with calm and sways.  When lives fade, we fall in love with the stall. Seeking peace, breaking our false faiths affray.  Flee how he'd heal, flinch is fierce to Forestall. I snatch that all things have time and reason. Are we sure that this deep calm will be met? Is this the strong string of some life season? Each soul I might grasp is a landmark threat. When our world is staunch, just ourselves appear. Our release was one pulse, and linked souls hear.  Our delight saved the bow for trance and plays. Twin scarlet moons rise from chasm, envy skies. Under velvet moon flowers, and calm calls. Plants cling to a brackish, wild breeze in slay. Flee how he'd heal, flinch is fierce to Forestall Waves, blest beaches, and quaint, potent nation. With warm hearts, blue ocean trails can't forget.  Age taught me to meet peace and cohesion. While words spared to tame a swell soul and get. It swelled forward, pummeling soulful spears. Words ache my core, but calmness won me, peers. Night birds' tunes were lost, yet never left by. Call me home; the house awaits with fireflies. Glen's well, not most scared to squeeze or befall. Peace is found in the blight of will and rays.  Flee how he'd heal, flinch is fierce to Forestall Envoi Capture the lush angels, warm joys, and cheers. Elixir of love; calm notch without smears Riffs that still throb in the cave of my sights shall be joined once more; how I miss those days. My skin is tough, and my eyes are bright sall. Offers no brood to breakdowns or decay. Flee how he'd heal, flinch is fierce to Forestall.
Written: March 12, 2023

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