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Customer service is still alive

Imagine My surprise,
Not only in getting through in under 2 minutes, 
But also being helped by the first res-ponder

But wait it, didn't stop there,
I felt I was actually being treated as customer,
And what I had to say was important.

What motivated me, you may well ask,
To risk being on hold,
And being passed from one department to another.

Well I was minding my own business,
Anticipating they joy of sinking my teeth into a top of the line,
Angus beef Pie.

What did I find,
A piece of gristle in my pie to spoil my mood,
Not good enough I said. 
Hence my well mannered phone call. 

But wait it didn't stop there, 
I hadn't expected a refund,
Ringing just to point out the fact,
And make sure they had Quality Control.

Imagine my being gobsmacked,
When I got  called back by the first res-ponder,
To say I would be getting a free pie voucher in the mail.

So, yes on occasions, customer service does show signs of life,
For poets, at least
Who have a way with words.  

Maybe if everybody joined the soup,
Customer service would,
Once again be an every day occurrence.

Copyright © David Smith