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Hands that changed me

Years have come and gone,
and I still think about the day that changed me.
Abuse is a frightful word,
It comes in all shapes and sizes,
It starts off little and escalates to something more.
The strength and will power came from within.
I didn't even know I had it till then.
That moment when I said enough was enough.
I turned my head for the last time,
Walked out to the unknown,
Finally realized I was better than that,
I survived the fright of my life and here to this day to talk and know its alright.
I know that I am strong within and can face what ever challenges that goes.
No more hands that can hurt me,
No more vial sayings that can pierce my soul.
No more knocking me down till I'm blue.
I am who I am and I am a stronger women with in.
My heart will no longer pound out of my chest
for fear of the unknown.
I am women,
I am a survivor,
I am me,
Like me or love me,
Hate me if you must,
Your hands made me who I am,
I may struggle thru the years and keep those memories a far, but at least I know the signs to leave,
At least I know who I am,
You may see damaged goods,
That's alright by me,
I know I am not,
I know I'm worthy and loved by some
your judgement of me no longer can chain me,
I am what they call done!

Copyright © Donna Tymec