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Thy Gift to Earth

In deep dark caverns flowed her lush hair
coats crystal lined caves with sunlight flare.  
The golden honey that draws a bear 
your gold flecked eyes, its color will dare.

The blue of your eyes melt in the sky, 
chasing off clouds as storms it denies; 
falls to the sea and joins the sea spray.  
Then scatters with sand, the color fades.

Your skin so light, like the moon some say,
 falls down from the sky then melts away.  
The Ice Queen isn’t so white by half 
and Snow White in dire need of a bath.

The bountiful beauty you inspire
doth grace our dear world in its attire.  
Without the accents you bring to earth, 
drabness would fall from cavern to surf.

Copyright © Alison Hodges