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On the Wall

On the wall standing

Amidst the danger encroaching

Mirrors the alligator’s razors

Securely entrenched in mud waiting

A boa slides into the deep...

The seconds tick amicably.

A table for two served yet again

Another tango about to be untangled

Periodic busts of water

Jet from the sighing sea...

A canoe capsizes

In this noonday medley

A suckling amidst the troubled current

Heads gaily for the sea’s bed...

Another scene, the serene sea

Running a sapid gold hue

Allows a fluttering dove above admiringly

To the nonchalant glare

In the distant horizon

Of the setting sun.

Afar the mongrels howl

At grotesque elements from hade...

Suddenly Andromeda hurtles through the sky

In search of her Medusa-defeated lover

Provoking Hercules into a riotous laughter

As its echoes furious might does Atlantis in...

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