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Pastoral Delight

I took the path i used to tread Winding, hiking to mountains ahead Of the blares and roads, am fully fed Quiet nook outdoors, cleanse my head C'ant see beauty, down the streets High-pitched horns and sharp beeps Pings, vrooms, spits, muscles hit Fast-food, nerves, i had to skip Layers of thick tar invest the road Miasma, and humans stink beside Zero oxygene, mercury rises high Beettles, mosquitos and blue flies A swamp where diseases prosper In the town's main square, no wonder Like the big cities, to be fair and square The living ones breathe among the dead The pathway goes along the riverside And the hilly old mountain, lies behind A calm, secure haven close to heaven Sheep and shepherds in Earthly Eden I envy those who coexist in harmony The bleat becomes language of poetry And nature is the book of true poesy watch youtube

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