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Heaven Sent

Been so broken down, baby
Isolated, shuttered,
Dilipidated; in disrepair

Been so sad and empty
Before you, I didn't wanna care 
I had lost all hope and drive
To continue even trying
Void of volition
Drifting from day to day
With no desire - no ambition

All that's changed now, sugar 
Cos from out of nowhere, you've finally arrived 
To prove you're not going anywhere.

Your kindness and concern for my welfare
Soothe my tired soul
And rejuvenate
My sullen spirit

Thank you endlessly
For patiently and relentlessly
Chiseling and chipping away
At my recalcitrant heart

Gone are the days of
Thinking my lot in life won't improve
You have resurrected my desire to love
You're my richest, sweetest treasure
Boon to my existence
You must be
Heaven sent

You're a little late, my honey,
But that's OK, my angel,
Your untimely arrival
Is a much-needed surprise.

You're a blessing to my well-being
My game-changer; my lifesaver
Before I was bitter, sour - on my own
I'm savoring your hugs and kisses
What we have is priceless
You've rekindled my inner glow

Promise me, baby, we'll work together to retain what we have found
So that we shall never wither away
Impenetrable and tightly woven
Together, as one, we will grow stronger.

Copyright © Lori Steindorf