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Lament for Shams

1.	Shall I narrate you a tale or may be a thousand stories,
Of a lost love and fervent devotion?
Or chronicles of longing and separation? 
Mayhap I, relate both as you wish, open your eyes and give me your ears. 

2.	For I hear no serenade and diversion no more,
I dwell in evanescence of poetry and free verses, 
Yet I yearn for a rune of praise, jealousy or even scorn,
Scythe me not, in a circle I whirl and swirl, beloved. 

3.	This poor heart beckons the chants of your name,
It that be bounteous, splendid and dazzling,
My lungs hymned shall intone in flamboyance, 
Beloved, look-see my essence, my being. 

4.	Be it, am a sycophant, for your favor, 
Behave the heart of peccadilloes and lapses.
Reveal to me the cryptic and the arcane, 
The venal lushness of your vision, beloved. 

5.	You are ubiquitous, beloved,
I attest the signs and the hallmarks scattered,
Yet my caravan never reaches the apogee,
Even in silence, in solitude and slumber I journey. 

6.	Like the moon, sun and star scads, 
Darkness and light, in their sheer vanity,
You are the whole and abound in majesty, 
Behold arrogance and vanity are veraciously only yours, beloved.
7.	Like a spinning wheel always in motion, 
Not a second escapes a nix from your vision, 
Yet foundered in my bewilderment you notice me not, 
Withal, I carry on until that day when you do, with devotion. 

8.	Betide a sudra untouchable, so be it my karma, 
Yonder I move stubbornly towards my moksha, 
Let fate excruciating me to annihilation and redemption, 
To my nirvana, peace and nothingness in you, beloved. 

9.	Importuned, the day you alight by the door, 
Ready will I be, no need to knock, alas just enter, 
For all doors are yours, be sited beloved while I fetch my flute, 
For the flute had been seeking its reed bed.

10.	No doors, no restraint in my heart, there is only you, 
Always plenteous and as wide as the ocean, 
No walls, no locks and no curtains can resist, 
For this heart is your dwelling place, for, you never left, beloved.