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You are beautiful

It’s a new year;
In its second month;
It’s a new season;
A love month;
Filled with strawberries, red roses, honey, laughter & warmth.
Where are you?

You are beautiful;
I just love been cuddled by you;
It feels so peaceful been in you mist;
You are heart fulfilling and special.
Where are you?

I need you 24/7;
You know why?
Because you’ve changed the way I look at things;
Before my eyes, everything is looks beautiful;
Just as the Creator said in Genesis chapter 1
After all the creation was done.

See how everything looks in this room;
So beautiful, so loving, friendly, 
Smiling when they think of you;
Even giggle when they feel you;
You have the power to change the mind-set of the enemy;
You are really cool;
You are beautiful;

You even brought us here today;
To celebrate with you a day of Sabbath;
Others named you a valentine’s weekend;
Also the love month;
This earth really can never become any better without you;

Love… I love you;
I understand what John 3:16 meant to your Creator;
Our Creator, the Creator of it all;
Unit us forever;
As you grow old in our hearts;
I love you  so much; 
You are beautiful. 

Copyright © Pontsho Tshabalala