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ICT-English Tandem

By George P. Lumayag

Users learn English grammar when ICT is used.
Microsoft Word can check the misspelled words,
It even reminds the users' choppy words,
Google Doc can detect the wrong structure of words,
And can recommend suitable words.

Writer's original composition can be justified when Turnitin is used.
They can not publish their journals if such papers violate the rule.

The online creation tools offer young minds become prolific writers,
SketchBook provides creative students to become digital editorial cartoonists,
Photoshop enhances student-users to become digital pic lovers,
And offers them to become online digital layout artists.

Learners can improve their speech when is accessed.
Learners can enunciate English accent through parroting the Youtube channel,
They can learn tenses of verbs on Youtube Language tutorials,
Therefore, they can learn English on

Artificial Intelligence can be the English teacher,
So, ICT is very much related to English teaching.