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Free Verse On Love

My heart enfolded the horizon of blushing dawn,
the brush of yearning soaked the sunburst colors,
painted a garden of Monet blooming with my love,
unfurling the facsimile of your florid face, adorned.

The patina of radiant rose flushed your lips’ petals,
quivered with the cadence of the chromatic dew.
As rhapsody rippled in mesmeric meadow of my heart,
at the edge of time I wafted on euphoria, enchanted. 

In the labyrinthine vale of mind contoured by passion
I carved an amorous channel of longing to reach you.
The fervid cloud of my craving melted in a torrent,
making my unbound love a cascading river, beguiled. 

Riding the ebullient waves of your amethyst allure, 
unanchored ardor sailed to the bay of luscious lips,
where the sunrise desire turned my love to ember,
the first kiss blazed fervent furrow in my heart, enthralled. 

February 26, 2020

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy