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Free Verse on Love

I’ve never felt this way before.
The joy comes from the depths of my soul.
I don’t know how to explain this feeling.
It’s a feeling that is beyond words of description.

I’ve never imagined so much passion from the heart.
It’s almost like I’ve been set on fire with a thought.
All my best dreams are coming alive in the moment.
When I spend the days with you, I’m all that God inspired.

I’ve never expected to be so alive in my spirit.
It’s like my dreams are burning bright within me.
When I feel like reaching out to another heart I know…
The compassion within is truly stirred up by your love.

I’ve never been someone to share my deepest feelings.
With you, I can’t do anything but be vulnerable and helpless.
It’s as if you’ve taken me into a new dawning of acceptance…
Completed my need for someone to recognize my depths.

I’ve never known another soul that could ignite my fire.
Your love encourages me and reassures me with all it inspires.
With you, I know that I am someone who loves without conditions…
And I want to give to you… my heart, my hope, my deepest feelings.

I’ve never been more certain of my love for another.
With you, my prayers for true love have found true meaning.
I know that you are the one who God sent to free my soul…
Making me into a heart that knows joy beyond all thoughts.

I’ve never loved this way before in my entire life.
With you, love that is true enlightens my very soul.
You awaken my heart to dreams of truth that says it all…
With a word from the heart… love that knows no bounds.

I’ve never been more certain of another person.
My love for you is excruciating – it hurts to the core …
Reminding me why I can’t love more and more and more…
Because with you, I am giving all that I am for sure.

I’ve never known anyone in my life or story…
Who could reach me with their thoughts and dreams…
The way you can – with all the peace that there is,
Feelings that shed all fear and feelings that are oh, so real.

Feb. 25, 2020
Free Verse on Love Poetry Contest
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Copyright © Regina Riddle