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An aching sun falls, hesitant Against the hills who tremble with autumn Leaves, both gentle and fanatical, Dancing to the melodies of truth, erasing All of summer’s golden muse… Twirling through the moments, peaceful Ever changing, exchanging fresh green For the hopefulness of blazing crimson, amber And breathless golds who test the moments With graphic breathes of toasty autumn…. Memorizing yesterday’s kisses With reassurance that comes from remembering What is like the trails along gentle ridges, Where moments become buried in embraces Heaven’s hold on the precious nostalgia, The season of eternity, forever blazing on the hills, Teaching the moments to see through pools, Lakes of sensitivity, blazing flames of inspirational Praises, awakened by the seas of admiration… Longings from the tenderness, so gentle Abiding inside those who see through the richest Grace, into the eyes of a penetrating race With destiny, stabbing away the aching dark With lights, glistening on the heavens, remembering Blessing the soul with a peace that is endless, Serenity inviting the wings of angels to embrace The soul… A tender dawn sighs through the promise, This moment in throbbing pulses, rhythms of light Softly flowing against the flames of His truth, Seasons pour out their beauty in colors so exquisite, Charming the feelings, awakening prayers Foreseeing the eventual in blessings who believe Darkness will never succeed…, Autumn lights, sun – stars – moon God’s design, lifting the shadows of gloom Healing the heavy hearts and providing new Beyond what we could imagine, grace and kindness, Flowing through the veins, hastening to ride Beyond the seas of intimacy, into the moments Who risk everything to gaze into the eyes of the Son, The One who erases every doubt and promises, Life that will be everlasting light, the light of hope, The light of faith, the light of a peace that is beyond Anything we could possibly explain… We’ll never be able to explain this truth, The one that promises forever, eternity with One Who fights away the darkness with a light so pure It feels like the heart and soul have been soaked In a love that is beyond words, beyond comprehension, A love so alive and wonderful it speaks in tones of everlasting, Ambiances of grace, hope and faith – love that lives Because He came to silence tears and to give each soul A way beyond the darkness who haunts, the fear that taunts, A way out of the crowded doubts where the soul cannot believe… It is Him, Jesus… who loves like there is no reason to doubt Because of Him, there is a joy that we’ll never figure out It is a perfect that silences every suspicion, replacing our fears With the wonder of true love … His gift to those who just believe Him

Copyright © Regina McIntosh