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Grandfather Ghost

I just inherited an old creaky and rustic mansion.
It looks as if it’s “from the house of the dead”.
As I step in the house I felt creepy and freaky! 
I see my hair rise on my arm feeling immobilized.
All of a sudden it brings a cold chill over my body.  
I move through the bedrooms, until I heard an echo shrill.
I start to notice I felt ill; there something feeling as if it’s taken over my body. 
A dark deep clouded mist start to over whelming me and take form.
It’s beginning to transform to mirror image of my grandfather.
I need to confirm on what happening! Or can it be real.
My heart bloods pounding, so fast I can hardly breathe.
Why! Is this happening to me spouting to myself?
Ghost is prowling because it has unfinished business?
I realized it's me? He never got to say goodbye to me.
Thinking how can I apologize!  I know your here to tell me goodbye. 
All of sudden he starts to materialize, and see an arm wave back goodbye.
In a surprise I felt a relief come over me and seeing him with my own eyes.
I knew that he is in a much better place to lie in peace for eternity.

Copyright © theresa gamblin