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Thoughts and Prayers

Death is all around us
You may wish we’d spark a change
But we never ever will 
Because we get nothing in exchange

Children are dying during class
We mandate that their there
we cannot keep them safe
But we can spare them thoughts and prayers

This isn’t the time to talk solutions
Wait tell the bodies are cold
Of course by then there’ll be ten new bodies
But this isn’t getting old

You see my belief  trump’s your children's lives
Their death’s are the price we pay for freedom
The freedom to take your children's lives
Now Why won’t you stand for the anthem 
Your children are our currency 
We spent them all like fives
For our need to kill things
They will give their lives

Changing things is just too darn hard 
So we’ll just sit up here
Protected by bodyguards and armored cars
And let you get murdered down there

Copyright © Jaycee Graffius