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My swan song

At the age of almost seventy, I'm now looking closer at my longevity.
The 'twilight years" are quickly approaching, my parts, now old are boldly encroaching. I'm running out of time to right a wrong before I, too, sing my swan song. Before the angels set me free I better write my eulogy. "Here lies a woman with red hair who in life always strove to be fair. She talked too much and was outspoken. She led with her heart which was frequently broken. Many a day she basked in the sun, causes she sought, a few battles she won.. A life long giver, she practiced good deeds, advocating for others with special needs. People loved her or hated her that's for sure and if she made waves she was out the door. A short term marriage when she was quite young, blessed her with a modest and most loving son. A second one lasted thirty-three years, brought her a daughter, beautiful and sincere. She had a lot of energy and barely did sit and when she came into monies, she travelled a bit. Several foreign countries she did tour, for different cultures she loved to explore. The curtains on her life may now be drawn but the memories of her essence still lives on. In God's hands, may she now find peace, for close friends and family know her life was a feast.

Copyright © Nancy Kaufman