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Artie Mac was a hero of mine
Singing songs most all of the time 
He would never just say Hello
He'd sing a greeting from some Broadway show 
Man he could sing simply everything 
That voice divine he was a friend of mine...
Saw him up once sing a cappella 
Send In The Clowns in some downtown cellar 
The Ayresome Angel from his distant youth 
Hitting those notes with a resolute truth 
A Holgate man, no fancy Dan 
That voice so fine he was a friend of mine...

I wrote a song called Riverside Red 
With Artie's image burned in my head 
Asked him to do it with old Tex and me 
Took just one take, as sweet as could be 
Nailed it in one, second to none 
Talent sublime he was a friend of mine...

One night he's on the stage  with JT 
I looked away but yeah he'd seen me 
Get up he shouts, let's do Out Of Time 
You and me we do that real fine 
Artie and me, blues harmony 
Rocking in time he was a friend of mine...
Change Gonna Come, note by note 
I hear him now, lump in my throat 
Died far too young, magical guy 
Drink in my hand tears in my eye 
Thanks for it all you made me stand tall 
Loyal and fine he was a friend of mine...

Copyright © Louis Spence