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Summer Valentine

In splendor of sun, stands tall Helianthus
a green patch glimmers enamored in gold.
resplendent rays drizzle bright yellow beams 
in harsh hot  flames, cherubic petals unfold.

A cup of sunlight brewing honey and lemon
full of zing, gaudy smiles of radiant beauty 
In kindred spirit, florets track East to West
revolving a luminous, is it love or loyal duty? 

In ancient times, lived the Sun God Apollo, 
a water nymph Clytie fell in love profound
the man with golden hair cast her in a spell 
and her eyes adored him in passion astound.

But Apollo was in love with Daphne, 
the beautiful daughter of a water God. 
Unrequited, unnoticed went Clyties love
she kept looking for Sun in paths she trod.

Eventually she turned to a slender sunflower 
orbiting her love, a bride waits for sunshine.
Trail of a broken heart, never leaves her soul,
shriveled head wilts in her summer Valentine.   

26th June 2019

Copyright © Debjani Mitra