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The Meaning of Life

Some people give the illusion
    there is widespread confusion
        as to what constitutes the meaning of life.
But I was taught by my brother...
    or was it my Mother?
        It had a lot to do with the handling of strife.

A Child should be taught
    that it's fine to be fraught
        when trials and doubt cause reflection.
But no matter the slump
    you'll get a strong bump
        when surrounded by those with affection.

You are inclined to be less wary
    even though the world is scary
        when supported by family and friends.
And when you love one another
    and even better... a significant other
        you'll find the journey starts to really transcend.

But the meaning you seek
    will not give you relief
        if you fail to be prudent and wise.
You'll find life a lot tougher
    and thus exceedingly rougher
        to make sense of the things you despise.

You will find you're life will worsen
    when you're not a good person
        and unsure of how to do what is right.
You should seriously be leaning
    towards only the things that have meaning
        to improve your situation and plight.

How does a person start?
    I guess I would slowly depart
        from activities that get you angry and riled.
And become a far greater force
    by changing your course
        and become a much better Parent, Friend or Child.

Once you get a handle on strife...
    You'll find the meaning of life
        is to help others become a bit stronger.
And once you're a person complete
    you can love all you meet
        and not fear the meaning of life any longer.

But to those who thrive on strife
    to mess up their life
        it's only fair to give you a clue.
So you'll be happy to know
    where the wild things grow
        and thus the answer is a crisp 42.*

                The End

*A computer was fed all the relevant data to determine the meaning of life and came back with the answer 42. It is also the number used in 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' in their search for the meaning of life.

*Written for the poetry contest on the 'Meaning of Life' sponsored by Chantelle Anne Cooke.

*For those who are interested. My cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' can be seen on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.

Copyright © David McHattie