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Operating on Christianity

Can I claim to be Christian without casting judgment
in ways that aren’t Christ-like? Aspiring to faith proves faith’s real?
Or does saying, “I’m Christian,” more grant I’m a sinner
apart from God’s Grace that Christ bought on the cross as it’s price?
Can humility honor self-praise, “I’m disciple?”
Can Grace I derive from Christ’s blood be man’s ‘willful sin’s’ salve
when the fact makes a lie of what I pray redeems soul?
Christ taught, “Works aren’t proof of our faith (that can lead us to boast!)”
Let us pray that Grace lives in what Christ says shows pigment
the colors Love brings when works flow from changed hearts to reveal
what faith looks like: the servant: the gold-medal winner?
Is faith shown in mercy (to others?), a grand sacrifice?
Best to work in ‘our wisdom’ or rest in ‘Christ’s Gospel’
that swears that it’s only in faith one gets saved? Is improv
soul’s best gambit, vague hope time discovers a loophole?
The best one can give to this world is a succinct riposte?
Long Tooth
October 21st in 2020

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