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Date: 26 June 2019 at 20:00:46 GMT+5:30
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Journey -unaccompanied 

When  my life comes to the end on this earth ,
I do  not  want  anyone  to grief or cry for me,
I am free of all my burdens and sorrows,
I want  you  to know I am with my creator.

The  love the  family  once shared ,
Will always tend to shed tears,
Don't  cry I am in a better  place, 
We will meet ,When the time comes .

I won't take anything when I leave this world,
Only  the love  and good things I did,
When the purpose  of our earthly visit is over,
God takes all of us, one by one. 

This journey is  special in every  respect, 
We don't see anyone going  with us,
Just an unaccompanied  journey, 
Journey  that will be in memory. 

Copyright © Gunadevi Rajaratnam