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Old Madrid

Old Madrid in Spring

it’s only when
you listen 
the city reveals
its beating heart

cool breezes vent 
down the narrow streets
the sunny sides are warm
the shady sides are quite cold

distant  phone alarms
rouse people into wakefulness
eclectic cars purr like hospital monitors
they are far too advanced 
for such a place 

the faces of saints and sinners
occupy every turn 
tiles depicting scenes
of historical dis-concern

cathedrals sits heavy 
in the landscape
with their stony facades
depicting their god

I see

the cross that crucified
the nail that nailed the hands
the sword that cuts the side
and Judas the one that lied

I watch the old parishioner 
sweep the iron stone steps
her penance is that she
has lived far too long

Moorish building struggle
to occupy space
for they are long gone
they are all alone 

the early morning sounds
are being cranked up
sluice gates are opened
the  rush hour is released

Copyright © Tony Kirk