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Are you there God?
Yes, look for me in the miracles and benevolence I show
There I will be.

When a malevolent leader who spouts untruths offends 
the sacredness of the Constitution and stability is endangered
be not the afraid; I am with you.

When it becomes clear that moving him is necessary,
though arduous and complicated, the task must be done,
if your country’s is to survive.

I cry not for the loss of this nation’s malevolent leader 
but for the babies not yet born 
Who’ll never know truth was once alive and thriving.

It was predicted that a second coming was imminent
but before that heavenly event 
triple six would show up.

Some believed he was evil, others did not 
but his assault on justice and institutions brought death 
stirring chaos making everybody a believer in evil.

His command of the sycophant multitudes
who jump to his voice and regale his name
 is absurd but there the white, mindless fawners are.

Supporting his every fake supposition and biased decision
not knowing they have given him power to destroy their own lives
and never knowing when the ax will fall on them. He is fickle.
But knowing his reputation and who he is, 
He cannot be trusted, never will be
He is the destroyer of worlds.

We do not choose some leaders we get 
but knowing the bad one is holding court over our lives
it’s incumbent upon us, the critical thinkers, to change their plans.  

Democracy rolls on optimistically not knowing if there will be a tomorrow
trusting in well intentioned Americans to be smart enough to want to keep it 
as Mr. Franklin warned almost three hundred years ago.



Copyright © norberto franco cisneros