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All is still 

Daybreak slithers over yesterday’s face 
Takes its place 

The trees look on       silent        speechless 
Moved ,  but barely moving 

All is still 

The flies have found her
Go for the eyes and open wounds 
Feast on the empty shell and lay their eggs
Everywhere but the legs ;
What was beautiful and pure is no more 
Emptied of everything 
Used and abused and crucified 

Here ,  the taking of Life is taken beyond what is known 
Beyond what is thought possible 
Beyond ,  even ,  the place where tears have broken !

Evidence is evidence 
The camera doesn’t lie
Only the one pressing the shutter ;

In a dimly lit bar a demon brags about his iniquity 
Drinking         smoking         drinking some more 
Laughing        taunting god        passing it round 
Revealing proudly what was done for fun
By more than one ;

Know this :
There are places where Humanity never existed 
There are people never touched by anything 
People not people 
People that defy the system of labelling !

# written recently about the atrocities committed in the Amazon rainforest by Brazilian men targeting Amazonian Indian Tribes (especially the women) for their perverted pleasure.  The article I read had an accompanying photo , which showed a  ‘crucified’  young tribal woman.  Apparently , when finished with them they find a tall slender tree of around 20 feet high (higher if possible) and cut it down. The side branches are trimmed off and the top sharpened into a rough point.  The women are held down and the pointed top is forced into the .  This is then forced through the body and up until it exits from the mouth.  A hole is dug and this is erected as a warning to other tribal members. 
Crucifixion happens after what could be a week or more of rape and torture.
This image is probably one of the most horrific I have ever seen !