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The Dignitaries

I am sitting in the sun watching destiny on the run
 the cars are circling around the bend and you can tell that
the show is coming  to an  end. The fire has gone out of the people
and reality is just setting in, humility is  walking around the  town 
and shame  is  dressed in a long gown. The dignitaries are waiting in 
the wings  to  answer the final questions, and  make the verdict  for everyone to hear. I have been sitting in the rain and sun for one  year and eight months, working my heart out for you and hoping that your promise will come through to relocate me to another place. I have endured the batter, and bruises, the insults and the abuses; I have endured the punches and crunches, starvation, and hunger ,your mocking religious prayers and the people chanting death and destruction at the altar. This is not a game and you ought to feel ashamed because you have nothing to gain, and when the day is done your distillery will be empty. Human suffering is real and your sophisticated harassment around me is an attempt to destroy me and lower my dignity. You have made several attempts to kill me but destiny will take you away before you get the chance to hurt me again. I am malnourished and underfed, and I have nowhere to lay my head but my strong will power and in-depth spiritual energy have kept me alive until this very hour.  I have absorbed your daily political brawl and I have stood up to dishonest politicians, the don men, the iron man on
the corner,  and religious impersonators. I have made peace with the walking dead and the tower that has fallen from his head. The dignitaries are waiting in wings.

Copyright © Christine Phillips