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I See Your Worth

The world knows that there's more
I see what you do not see
That vibrant person of yore
The person you won't be

You tell yourself that you belong
I feel it everytime your soul cries
Caught in a trap you know is wrong
Kept in place by some spiritual lies

Picking up pieces of your shattered ego
I know when you to lie to me
About the difficulty found in letting go
The tears you want nobody to see

Days and weeks simply go by
I think that you just want someone to notice
The world gets darker when you sigh
Pulled deeper into feeling hopeless

Deep in your heart lies so much happiness
I know who you are inside
Veiled by that smiling loneliness
Pure emotion with a great divide

Below the surface scratches
I understand the craving in your soul
To be a Phoenix rising from the ashes
And belong to something greater than the whole

Some days the shadows conquer
I hate that it's the days you regret your birth
But i want you to know i will never falter
Until you realise what you're really worth

Copyright © Pravir Dass