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Daniel In The Lions' Den

Many of the Darius’ men were jealous of Daniel.
He having authority, they just couldn’t handle.
So, they came up with a law to lose him.
They came up with a law, to accuse him.
For the next thirty days, if anyone who prayed to any man or god, save king Darius it would be considered a sin.
And if anyone did, they would be thrown into a lion’s den.
King Darius had signed the dreadful decree.
But Daniel; however, did disagree.
Three times a day with a gentle ease, Daniel prayed to God on his knees.
Three times a day, the window being open not closed.
Daniel was in the open, and completely exposed.
So, they threw him in a lion’s den.
For praying to God, was considered a sin.
King Darius had prayed, and fasted all night.
For the thought of Daniel being devoured, gave him a fright.
For he couldn’t, sleep a wink.
He worried so much, he couldn’t even blink.
As for Daniel, and this sounds crazy.
But that very night, he slept like a baby.
For the mouth of the lions, God did seal.
And Daniel was not, their tasty meal.
The next day all were amazed.
And king Darius decreed, the God of Daniel shall be praised. 
And as for those who accused Daniel, those wicked men.
Darius ordered them and their families, to be thrown in the lion’s den.

Copyright © Brother Jacob