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The Soul

THE SOUL_________________
She knows not, when she was made
To wear the shekels, and rest in pain

It's been ages since she opened those eyes 
Which are lying under so many layers

She can see but the windows are not her own 
She can hear but the drums are of someone else

The Rind around her is tight & suffocating
She is the reason the Rind exists

Does It know?? Does It appreciate??
What if she tear it apart and flee?
And why doesn’t she? 
What pledges have enchained her? 
Or she thinks of flying a sin!!

Eternity is still calling its missing partner 
Bells of the heaven are ringing 

But she hears nothing 
For the walls are high, so high 
That even celestial voices won't penetrate it

Caged in a body, & bodily needs
She is losing her connections  with Eden

                                            (Paghunda Zahid )

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid