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Don't forget

The sparkle from bubs eyes
Little light did shine,
Reflected in my soul
As though a glimpse of mine.

Grew to be so radiant 
Reflection went ablaze, 
Illuminating with amazing
Beaming as sun rays.

How I glared from life that flared
Blinking all that gleamed,
Soul had fired and inspired
Happiness redeemed.

Caught the light when shone so bright
From days of youth and stint,
Perhaps I’ll bring you home once more
Dark eyes of striking glint...

Whilst the sun burns in the sky
Given for collection,
Feel the warmth which this brings forth
Radiate reflection.

Let this cycle be as should-
Evolving should be fine,
Be the part whom has all heart
Though don’t forget to shine.

~April 15th 2021, SHINE Poetry Contest, Sponsored by Constance La France~

Copyright © Paris-Maree Boreham