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A Letter About my friend Ana

A letter about my friend Ana

She stood tall, skeletal, and proud
Her glowing locks choking those that were drawn too close,
Her blinding smile removing the vision of anyone who dared to smile back
She scared me,
But being scared is better than not feeling at all
And having someone is better than having no one,
So I followed her. 

One day I fell and scraped my arm,
She swooped me up and took me to her home,
Cleaned up my wounds with a stinging liquid
I couldn’t tell if I hurt myself or if she hurt me more,
But I gave her the benefit of the doubt
Putting the pain aside
I followed her. 

My friends warned me for years, 
Telling me that her intentions were as sticky as syrup,
That her conscious was as guilty as I felt when I ate around her,
Her meticulous laugh as I tried to nourish myself,
I pushed those people away,
Because the moments she didn’t laugh, didn’t hurt me,
Filled me more than any food could,
So I followed her. 

Ana held me by the unforgiving ties of insecurities
She made me her puppet,
Controlling me to burn everything I knew,
Everything I loved,
Just to prove that she was more important,
More loved by me,
In the desperate moments of burning flames,
I followed her,
One fire turned into another and soon my entire world was engulfed,
All I had left in the sooty darkness,
Was her gleaming strands of hair,
Her blinding fluorescent smile,
She wouldn’t let me turn around,
To dissolve into the flames,
The only thing I could do
Was follow Ana. 

Copyright © mary seibt