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She Broke Free of her Chain

Once upon a time there was a sweet one-eyed gal.
She lived her life, alone, let’s call her Little Mal.
Her mother and father kept her in the dark.
They hid her away, and made her feel stark.

One-eyed Mal, in a one-cat-owned house.
Lonely girl sadly raised by a louse,
Except in her case it was not only one,
It was two, and life was not so very much fun.

When she was six she broke free of her chain.
She ran outside, and she danced in the rain.
The neighbors quickly saw and ran out to see…
She was a nice little girl, this one-eyed sprite, so wee.

The community took her in, and gave her a life.
Took her away from this horrible man and his wife.
She learned to love, and she discovered herself.
She learned that one-eyed gals don’t belong on a shelf.

She runs an orphanage for the ones who are hidden away.
She has a pet owl who brings them all swiftly her way.
One-eyed Mal, living her dream, thanks to a day in the rain
When she danced in the rain, after breaking her chain, 

Moral of the story is easy to see, in a little bitty rhyme…
If you are miserable discouraged, or sad most of the time,
Then please break free, and fly, right now, yes, you, please do!
Life should be wonderful for you my friend, yes, you, Honey, YOU.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger