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In The Late Night

It was all in the late night,
they took everything away,
it was all in the late night,
getting home an early day
from a trip to the west coast,
where I’d gone and closed the deal,
I came back on a late flight,
then everything became real.

It was then in the late night
that I saw through a window
a sight I never hoped to see,
rage I’d never hoped to know,
a stranger in my bedroom,
I just could not understand
why my wife did lay naked
underneath this sweaty man.

It was all in the late night,
with a bottle of Champagne,
I burst in and saw my brother,
then I went a bit insane,
I broke that heavy bottle
right over my brother’s head,
grabbed my hidden thirty-eight
and shot my cheating wife dead.

They cuffed me in the late night,
was no point hiding the guilt,
said I won’t breathe free again,
I suppose I never will.
Mother cannot stop sobbing,
and father has disowned me,
Ii they’re raised their boys better
they’d not know such misery.

Copyright © David Welch